Would Bindweed kill a rose?

Answer I saw a rose today which was quite unattractive. I snipped it and threw it on the compost heap and it made the heap look worse!!Bindweed can definitely kill a rose as well as many other plants.

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How to kill a rose-of-sharon flower stump.?

Round-up is good for herbaceous perennials, not so great for woody shrubs. Paint brush killer on the freshly cut stumps, and that should do the trick. (It's made by a number of manufactures, and ... Read More »

What to Use to Kill Ants on the Rose of a Sharon Bush?

Ants should only be considered a problem on your rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) if it also has trouble with aphids. Ants like to feed off honeydew that aphids excrete. Since ants protect aphids... Read More »

Would 8000mg of Ibuprofen kill you how long would it take?

I believe so. Hope you not planning anything wrong :(

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