Would 8000mg of Ibuprofen kill you how long would it take?

Answer I believe so. Hope you not planning anything wrong :(

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If you were stabbed in the throat, would you be able to scream How long would it take to die?

wow this screenplay is morbid.Depends If the knife severed the carotid artery , it could cause profuse and pulsatile bleeding, causing blood pressure to drop significantly , then death would occur ... Read More »

What would happen if i did not have spyware protection on my pc how long would it take to get infected?

It depends on the person using the device.Novice:Couple of Weeks.Average User:Infected within 3 months or more, has his/hers knowledge of computers.Professional:About 7 months.Viruses and Malware c... Read More »

How much would it cost and how long would it take to move my mansion twenty feet?

i think about $500.00 for about 8 sticks of TNT should do the trick

How much tippex would it take to kill you?

Just try to not sniff it anymore, I think the amount you have inhaled can't be dangerous, but you should've carry on.If you have consumed some tippex (orally) you should see a doctor, it can dry in... Read More »