Would 2 pints of carlsberg every other day harm me?

Answer you will be fine....people who frequent bars on a nightly basis especially old men have been doing it for years...

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Would 1/2 of a 7.5 hydrocodone every other day show up on a drug test?

Yeah.. and that frequently it would give you levels of a daily user.

My contacts should be changed every 4 months. What if I wear them every other day?

You should change to some contacts that have been designed in the last decade and quit wearing those obsolete ones.

If a father moves out of state can he get his visitation schedule changed from every other weekend to every summer?

Answer That would be a decision that would the judge would have to make if the parents could not agree on the change of visitation.The biggest obstacles would be the age of the child and the method... Read More »

What would happen to you if you lost 3 pints of blood?

You would most likely need a transfusion after losing three pints of blood.