Wots your favourite lager , beer?

Answer Anything German !!!!

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What's everyones favourite beer/lager?

my favourite beer is a botlle of bavaria ice cold. delish!! and its not coz its E2.50 a bottle either. if its not available a bottle of corona goes down just as well. labatts ice is making quite a ... Read More »

Tea or coffee anyone, wots ur favourite?

Im actualy the same tea first thing n coffee later.But i drink way more tea.Where u ever drinking a cup coffee,but u forgot u made yourself coffee and expecting to taste tea?

Poll~ brown beer or lager beer.?

lager oh yes i could just do a few right now

Favourite lager?

Corona with a lime, muuuuummmmmmmm refreshing. I don't even like beer, this is the only one 4 me.