Wots wrong with me how can i fix it?

Answer pain killers

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Wots the best hangover cures?

A proper English fry up!Bacon, fried eggs, beans, sausages, hash browns, toast, black pudding.And a cup of tea!!!

Tea or coffee anyone, wots ur favourite?

Im actualy the same tea first thing n coffee later.But i drink way more tea.Where u ever drinking a cup coffee,but u forgot u made yourself coffee and expecting to taste tea?

Wots the best medication for migranes?

as a natural therapist i would recommend a few alternate remedy's; try lying down in a dark quiet room, rub tiger balm on your temples & presure points around your neck ,try to make sure you drink ... Read More »

Wots the best hangover cure?

WaterA hangover is your brain dehydration, it needs water, Aspirin will make it worse because it thins your blood and makes you more dehydrated. Drink a glass of water per 2 drinks you have and 2 m... Read More »