Worth repairing a 7-year old camcorder?

Answer Don't even bother. You will end up paying for the basic service only to be told that the spare parts are not available and the camcorder cannot be repaired.Buy a brand new one, there are tons of mo... Read More »

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When is it worth repairing a car?

Certain factors will determine if you should repair your car or look at other alternatives. Explore all other options to see which is the most cost effective for the short-term and long-term. Revi... Read More »

Is it possible for a brand new camcorder to be worth less than £20?

When a 99p shop opened near me they were giving away a portable TV or a DVD player to the 1st 100 customers. I refused to queue with my friend in the freezing overnight weather so she gloating got... Read More »

Worth buying Canon Camcorder?

"Although it still uses MiniDV Tape but with HD, it reviews that it has great raw images compared to so-so with SONY"Unless you've got a good reason not to use tape, you've pretty much answered you... Read More »

I have a camera that can take videos... Is it worth getting a camcorder?

Your choice, but consider-If you had an old car that could pull a trailer with one ton on it but had to stop to rest every 5 to 10 min Or have a newer car that was air conditioned, could pull the t... Read More »