Worst hangover Eveeer help?

Answer First thing that you need to do is relax. Then drink some water. Don't chug it, that will only make things worse. Hope this helps:)

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What's the worst hangover you have ever had?

went to a 21st (many years back) for a work colleague and my friend was spiking my drinks with vodka. I danced like the wild woman of wonga all night, came out, fell over and hit my head on the ke... Read More »

Hangover who knows a good hangover cure?

Is the new youtube layout getting worst and worst?

It's freaking horrible now and I really don't visit YouTube that often anymore because this is just getting out of hand...

What is the worst Worst injury you've ever had?

ok is was the most absolute worst day of my life i was riding my bike wen i was like 13 on a gravel road. I looked down to check my speedometer and i was going 90 km/h then i put my gear into 7 and... Read More »