Worst Places for Traffic Violations?

Answer All motorists dread facing a traffic violation, but some states are notorious for imposing hefty fines upon drivers; even first-time offenders. While the East Coast tends to incur some high fines a... Read More »

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How do i contest traffic violations?

Notify the court that you plan to contest the traffic violation. Find the court's contact information on the ticket you received, along with instructions on how to pay or contest the violation. Mos... Read More »

New York Traffic Violations Effect on Licenses?

The New York State DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) has a driver violation point system designed to help identify drivers who commit a number of traffic violations during a specific period of tim... Read More »

Do traffic violations affect criminal probation?

Because a traffic offense is considered a violation of law, it could potentially affect a person who is on criminal probation. That said, often times prosecutors and judges will specify standard t... Read More »

What Are Considered Minor Traffic Violations?

Sometimes the fine line between minor or major traffic violations can be confusing or blurred. While there are many different types of traffic violations, some are more serious than others. It's im... Read More »