Worried my mum might have lung cancer -- constant coughing, wheezing, pain in chest..........?

Answer I understand your concern, but my first reaction is don't panic. There are a whole load of other stuff that it can be, which are far more likely than lung cancer. I smoked from 15 years old unti... Read More »

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Tight chest, coughing and wheezing after drinking certain makes of orange squash?

It's the preservative in the OJ. Sodium metabisulphite or Sodium/Potassium Sorbate will affect you.

Worried about lung cancer?

Listen, if I told you your fine you wouldn't quit... I was a smoker too started smoking about age 14 I'm 18 now. Okay usually you won't get a heart diesel or lung cancer in a year or so depending i... Read More »

Does a chest x-ray always show lung cancer?

A chest x-ray does not always show lung cancer. A chest x-ray may detect an early stage of lung cancer; however, other tests such as such a computed tomography (CT) or positron omission tomography ... Read More »

Why is my dog coughing&wheezing?

Many conditions can cause coughing, which is simply a result of an irritation in the airway. Only a few are accompanied by wheezing. Wheezing is heard when there is less airflow through the windpip... Read More »