Worried about my wife, she's developed a discharge recently?

Answer If her stomach starts to swell then she should see a doctor for sure.

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My daughter has recently gotten into the elmo scene at her school. Should I be worried about her mental health?

Well, if she starts wearing skinny red furry jeans, tight sesame street t-shirts, and cutting herself with crayons, I would say she is taking this "elmo" thing too far and you should call in a ment... Read More »

Should my wife eat meat again now that shes pregnant?

If she wants to eat meat, that's up to her. But there's no reason why she can't have a healthy baby on a vegetarian diet. A vegetarian friend of mine recently had a baby (at 50 years of age). She d... Read More »

My baby's head accidentally dropped at the floor and i heard a hard impact she cried but no bumps. after a minute shes ok but im still worried is that safe for my baby?

take her to the ER to get a brain scan. i would guess not but i would go just to make sure.

Recently had cancer this morning noticed 1 swollen stationary tender lymph node a bit worried any thoughts?

if it is really tender, that makes me think not of a cancerous or lymphomatous node but of infection. if your chemo has made you immunosuppressed you are at a higher risk for infection, so i would ... Read More »