Worried about my appliances interfering with each other?

Answer You must form an alliance with your microwave, your breadboard and the dishrag. Of course, the washer and dryer will want in on it but we all know how unreliable THEY can be.btw, tin-foil hats stop... Read More »

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Homework interfering with health?

I hope these questions keep up - they really make me laugh.

Why brothers don't mind their own business and keep interfering in sister's life?

Brothers can be very territorial of their sister. Constants probing into his sister's life can mean that he cares for his sister without end or he doesn't want his sister to make any mistakes becau... Read More »

Problem with NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M, it's interfering with Fallout 3 launch?

Do you have one of those "Optimus" dual video cards? That's known to cause some problems with FO3 (which existed before there's such switchable stuff). Supposedly, if you install the latest drivers... Read More »

Nick Drake on Wikipedia... How can I add a fact without nerd police interfering?

Your problem here is not that you're "rubbish with computery things", but rather that you do not understand the sociopathic society that dominates Wikipedia. Wikipedia's "community" pretends to be... Read More »