Worried about chest/back pains?

Answer Very unlikely that it is a heart attack given your age and the time it has been going on.Most likely you could be getting an infection (explaining the chills/sweaty and back pain from sitting which... Read More »

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Should I be worried about short sharp chest pains?

Don't guess and risk being wrong.If you're worried see a doctor.Best to not trust dubious advice on here.

I have been worried about the chest pains I've been having.?

go back to the doctor soon. tell him the symptoms are increasing in severity and you need further tests. gas, as you put it, can cause shoulder blade and neck pain. there are many possible causes f... Read More »

What should you do if you are six weeks pregnant and are having period-like pains that are coming and going and you are worried since you miscarried three months ago?

Answerhaving period cramps for the first 3-4 months are normal. if you are spotting or see any blood go to the doctors . i had cramps for the first 4 months until they finally went away

Thinking about conceiving a child, but the one thing I'm worried about is my feet turning into canned hams?

Well, there's a bright side to your feet swelling up into bloated globs of high potassium SPAM... maybe some of those freakshow clown shoes you bought at Payless Shoe Source last week with your hid... Read More »