Worms on the Roots of Roses?

Answer The presence of earthworms in any garden soil is a sign of healthy and active soil. But worms that are unseen can be quite damaging to roses. Eeel-like microscopic worms known as nematodes can caus... Read More »

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What Kind of Roots Do Roses Have?

Roses grow on fibrous root systems as do other members of the Rosaceae family, including strawberries and blackberries, as well as apple, almond and peach trees. Fibrous roots consist of a top knot... Read More »

Can glow worms damage my roses I found many of them last night as?

no they will eat the green fly and any other aphids, that can hurt your roses! Look after them, they are rare!

What planting depth is required for grafted roses to develop their own roots?

In order for your grafted rose to develop its own roots, you should plant the graft or bud union 2 to 3 inches below the soil line, according to the TLC Discovery Channel website. The bud union on ... Read More »

Last week I planted some seeds and bare roots roses and used wood mulch after, now I have been told it may kil?

Wood mulch will not harm bare root roses in any way.Indeed,the effects will be beneficial the dressing will act as a mulch helping to retain moisture in the soil.As the mulch decays it will add hum... Read More »