Worms on Orange Trees?

Answer Numerous insects feed on the leaves and fruit of orange trees. Protecting your orange tree from these pests will help ensure a healthy harvest. The most commonly found citrus pests look like worms ... Read More »

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What Are Small, Orange Worms in My Drinking Water?

The presence of small, orange worms in drinking water can be disconcerting. These worms are most likely Chironomid midge larvae. Midges are more commonly known as gnats or "no-see-ums" and the adul... Read More »

What will kill worms on lemon trees?

Worms on lemon trees come in several shapes and sizes, ranging from the orange dog caterpillar to citrus leaf miners. There are just as many choices of natural and biological remedies to kill the w... Read More »

When do you spray peach trees for worms?

Spray the trunk and branches of peach trees every spring before buds open. According to, spraying peach trees regularly with a dormant oil spray or other organic insecticide kills ... Read More »

How do I control worms on poplar trees?

IdentificationObserve the poplar tree for signs of worms. You may notice bite marks on the leaves, or holes bored into the wood. Poplar borers have worm-looking larvae that leave holes in the trunk... Read More »