Worms in Sea Water?

Answer A variety of habitats furnish homes for different types of worms. Earthworms burrow through the soil, and tapeworms infest the intestines of mammals. Leeches lie in wait for the unwary in wet marsh... Read More »

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Why do salt water fish have worms?

According to scientists at the University of California Davis, parasites in fish are as common as insects on fruits and vegetables. In saltwater fish, the most common parasites are nematodes or ro... Read More »

Red-eared Sliders and Worms in the Water?

The red-eared slider is a small species of turtle native to the southern United States, now found all over North America as an invasive species. The turtles often are kept as pets, both indoors and... Read More »

What Are Small, Orange Worms in My Drinking Water?

The presence of small, orange worms in drinking water can be disconcerting. These worms are most likely Chironomid midge larvae. Midges are more commonly known as gnats or "no-see-ums" and the adul... Read More »

Can parrots eat meal worms or wax worms?

Parrots are picky eaters and may consider mealworms and wax worms as appetizing as you do. Parrots are mostly vegetarian and the optimum diet is 10 percent beans and nuts, 20 percent fresh fruit, 2... Read More »