Worms With Spikes?

Answer Many people refer to larvae as "worms," but in reality, worms are an entirely different species -- none of which has spikes or horns. Larvae, on the other hand, are a growth stage for many insects.... Read More »

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Difference between Jobe's fruit tree spikes& evergreen spikes?

Jobe's Fruit & Citrus Tree fertilizer spikes and Jobe's Evergreen fertilizer spikes are manufactured by the Easy Gardener Co. to help gardeners easily match the fertilizer needs of different types ... Read More »

Hairstyles With Spikes?

Edgy. Defiant. Unusual. Awful. Beautiful. Trendy. Depending on your perspective, a spiked hairstyle could be described in any one of these ways. Styles range from very small spikes that an observer... Read More »

How to Do Spikes With a Flat Iron?

Flat irons can be used to create a wide variety of hairstyles, including the spike. The spike hairstyle can be created using hair styling gel, as well as the curling iron to give it a firm hold. Oc... Read More »

How to Do Liberty Spikes With Egg Whites?

Liberty spiking your hair is an edgy look that was made popular by kids of the punk scene. While many think of punk when they see liberty spikes, kids of all scenes have acclimated to this look of ... Read More »