World's most delicious food?

Answer the most delicious food in the world is caviar, it s very expensive for example one pound of them in United States it costs at about 550 dollars.

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What is the most delicious food that can be prepared at home?

For me it would be a nice piece of fish cooked just right, served with mashed potatoes, steamed leeks and green peas, and a creamy parsley sauce..Dune

What is the most delicious food made for Jewish celebrations?

1 - Hamantashen2 - Cholent3 - Potato latkas4 - Lokshin kugel5 - Kneidlach in chicken soup

Which type of fig is the most delicious?

Green ones from morocco, they have to be eaten locally and fresh I would give them 10 because I used to eat a lot of them especially when they are fully ripe.The purple dark ones tend to be bitter ... Read More »

What's the most delicious fruit?

Hi Julia!Strawberry with chantilly.Beijos