World History Class Projects?

Answer World history is a class which, as its name would suggest, has a sweeping scope. Students will be learning a little bit about the development of a great number of civilizations and cultures, instea... Read More »

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Projects for Art History Class?

Art history is a very wide-ranging area of study, because art has been chronicled since the days of cave-dwelling humans. Under the current definition, art history is often viewed as a specialized ... Read More »

How to Use Analogies & Metaphors in World History Class?

Metaphors and analogies are perfect for World History class because they can help you better explain historic events by relating them to things students can more easily understand and relate to. Me... Read More »

World History Classroom Projects?

World history class is not always the most exciting class for students. Luckily, there are many ways to spice it up to make learning fun for students. Involving students in classroom projects is a... Read More »

World History School Projects?

Earth's history goes back billions of years, but only events that have occurred during the past few thousand years have been recorded by man through art or written works. School projects help stude... Read More »