Works cited with wikipedia?

Answer Read the source that Wikipedia cites, then cite that original source. You don't need to cite Wikipedia unless you're citing Wikipedia's content. A good general rule is to cite the original source o... Read More »

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Does wikipedia count as an encyclopedia article in the works cited page?

Wikipedia is actually not a trusted source for information. A lot of professors and teachers do not accept it as a resource for papers. The reason is because content on Wikipedia can be modified, a... Read More »

How to Put Together an MLA Works Cited?

The Modern Language Association (MLA) created specific rules for citing references on a Works Cited page. These guidelines are meant to create conformity and simplify referencing, but in some cases... Read More »

How to Do a Works Cited?

The Modern Language Association (MLA) system is a popular set of conventions used to format essays and cite sources. In addition to in-text citations, the MLA system describes how to create a works... Read More »

How to Do a Works Cited in MLA?

A Works Cited page is the reference page in an essay or research paper where you list all of your sources used in your paper. This is typically the last page and is written as an alphabetical list ... Read More »