Workplace Language Laws?

Answer The expanding global economy and mobility of labor mean that many workplaces include members from diverse backgrounds, including different national origins. These workers bring new perspectives and... Read More »

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How to Handle Language Barriers in the Workplace?

People from dozens of countries call America home. That, coupled with the global workplace, leads to language barriers. Management must address language issues proactively, giving employees the opp... Read More »

Diversity in the Workplace Laws?

Diversity in the workplace is not a new topic, however, it is a very important one. There are constant changes in workplace law. Employers and employees alike must be abreast of the most current i... Read More »

Workplace Labor Laws?

In addition to the laws of the 50 states, the federal government has laws pertaining to the workplace. These laws protect the rights of workers on the job. Federal labor laws apply to a host of are... Read More »

Negative Workplace Laws?

The negativity of a law is subjective and up to personal interpretation. Many laws may seem negative to employers, but positive to employees, the public or the government. Several laws are in place... Read More »