Workout Tips on Getting a Ripped Body?

Answer Getting ripped muscles isn't just about making your muscles physically larger, it is also about making them visibly defined. Of course this means you need to eat a healthy and balanced diet. There ... Read More »

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Hey all I was just curious is there body builders in there 30's that are ripped?

No, you'll be fat and retarded you're entire life.

Someone who is ripped, and toned answer this quesiton! (little body fat, nice abs)?

insanity is not the best plan for youyou need to really hit the gym an start lifting weights.. you have to develop some muscle mass on your body. lift heavy.. an do cardio exercise 1-2 a week for 3... Read More »

How to Do a Full Body Workout in Less Than 5 Minutes?

Do you ever tell yourself you don't have enough time to exercise? If you can't spare enough time for a jog or a trip to the gym, this article will provide a routine that can be over and done with i... Read More »

What does jumping jacks workout in your body?

jumping jacks, jogging and jumping rope are all among the most vigorous of exercises you can do, and they all involve all muscles of the muscles in the body in an aerobic manner. this increases the... Read More »