Working with sugar paste / foundant in 40 degree heat HELP!!!?

Answer Hello Helen,I have been using fondant to decorate cakes for quite a while now, and I find that the heat does not really affect it unless it is very humid. If possible, maybe try putting the black o... Read More »

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Can someone help, i am trying to use the copy and paste, but it isn't working.?

There are two ways to cut and paste. Try both waysOption 1:1. Hightlight the text2. Right Click3. Click Copy4. Go to Word5. Right click or go to Edit and click PasteOption 2:1. Highlight text2. Hit... Read More »

How to Color Sugar Paste?

Coloring sugar paste is easy to do but there are a few little things to be aware of to make the process easier.

Homemade Sugar Paste?

Homemade sugar paste, also known as fondant, is a sweet dough made from sugar boiled in water. Depending on the recipe and application, adding food coloring or a stiffener such as gelatin can help ... Read More »

The heat sink paste or thermal grease?… are some examples of what you are looking for.