Working with Disk Drives?

Answer hang on a sec, is this some kind of test for ICT techs like me? I will do it after i`ve had a shower!

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What is wrong with my disk drives?

Sorry Polaris... I use a Mac and can't help you, but maybe my star will call someone that can. Good Luck!

Dear friends, my hard disk drives are not opening with double click.It is showing "open with" option.what 2 do?

sounds like you have an "autorun.inf" file in the c:\ directory.remove that and it should straighten out... also check for adware/spyware and do a virus scan.

PC Hard Disk Drives.....?

Most computers have room in side, and connections, for more than one hard drive. I'm not sure about an all-in-one because it's in a small, non-standard cabinet, but I'm guessing there are connecti... Read More »

How to Hide Portable Disk Drives?

If you want to connect a portable hard disk storage drive to your computer but you don't want it to have an icon in the "Computer" folder, you can hide it within the Windows operating system. All t... Read More »