Working out again: What can I do about my arms going to sleep?

Answer Although it wouldn't hurt to discuss your symptoms with a doctor, my experience tells me to investigate the possibility you'repinching a nerve. Examination by a reputablechiropractor may be indica... Read More »

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I never sleep on Sunday because I'm nervous about going back to school?

HiI went through a remarkably similar experience to the one you are. I had social anxiety and would get heart palpitations every Sunday thinking of school the next day, I used to feign illness so I... Read More »

What can I do to get my I-pod working again?

hold down the center button, and the menu button at the same time.that turns off and resets your ipod.hold them down at the same time for about 10 seconds. the screen will go black and an apple wil... Read More »

I pledged never to drink again last night, but now I am going out to drink again. What's wrong with me?

When will ps3 servers be working again it will being working on Saturday?

No they will not be and it is the whole network that has been shut down not just the servers for the PS3 and worldwide not just in one area. The PlayStation network has been shutdown since April 20... Read More »