Working out again: What can I do about my arms going to sleep?

Answer Although it wouldn't hurt to discuss your symptoms with a doctor, my experience tells me to investigate the possibility you'repinching a nerve. Examination by a reputablechiropractor may be indica... Read More »

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My arms & legs ache & hurt especially at night, ruining my sleep. Does anyone know why What can I do to stop ?

Here is an article about RLS:…Do you think that you may have that?...

Is it unhealthy to sleep/ nap after working out?

Your tired in the afternoon on some days whether you work out or not because our bodies (meaning pretty much everyones) is most tired at around 3 in the afternoon, its just a natural thing, so that... Read More »

Why cant i sleep if the Aircondition not working.?

You can't sleep probably because of the humidity and heat. Normal reaction.

How to avoid sleep while working in office?

as in examination we use to keep god's photo in front of the tablesimilarlykeep ur boss' photo in ur tableit works really