Working of a Refrigerator?

Answer Most common refrigerators have four major parts to itsrefrigeration system -- a compressor, condenser, expansion valve, andevaporator. In the evaporator section, a refrigerant (up until very recent... Read More »

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If your ice box is not working does it mean the refrigerator is bad too?

no. and if someone changes my answer, they are in big trouble! big i say, BIG!!! byeand don't flag this answer! if you do that, you are STILL in big trouble!

Should by refrigerator water be working if I have the filter out?

No, you are safe. However, I would like to add something if you have the time to read it? Here goes; if you have access to the water line that feeds your refrigerator, you can knock off up to 75%... Read More »

Outlet not working, no power in refrigerator.?

The above responses are accurate in assuming the over-current device {Breaker/fuse} protecting the circuit has tripped and resetting it or replacing it depending on if it is a breaker or non-resett... Read More »

Hotpoint HSS25GFTC WW refrigerator/freezer not working?

How old is it? If you don't know, post the serial number. That has a motherboard in it that controls everything, including temperature. It's most likely either that or compressor related. The mothe... Read More »