Working at italian restaurant cafe?

Answer Unless you aspire to become Executive Chef someday (and even then school isn't necessary) you will get much more practical knowledge working in an actual kitchen. They will train you how to cook t... Read More »

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What's a good restaurant name for a fancy, rich italian restaurant?

Does anyone know of a Native American Restaurant/Cafe in the Chicagoland area?

I do not personally know of any native American restarurants in the Chcagoland area. By Native American I am under the assumption that yo are referring to those restaurants owned and operated ( che... Read More »

Can you recommend a reasonably priced restaurant/cafe/bistro in Union Square (San Francisco).?

Hello Bruce-It's hard to get a cheese burger for $10-$15 in San Francisco, so you've got a lot of people stumped! I have a few ideas for you, that should be very close to your price range, and a co... Read More »

Across the Hall Six of One and Insomnia Cafe were among the working titles?