Working With Steel Pipe Fittings?

Answer Steel pipe fittings are generally used in the installation of rigid gas supply lines, with each end of the pipe sections coming factory threaded. The fittings can either be in the form of couplings... Read More »

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What Are Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings?

Carbon steel pipe, as the name implies, is made of an alloy of carbon and steel. It is forged or cast in a way that there are no seams to weaken the pipe. You must use fittings such as a variety of... Read More »

Remove male pipe broken in fixed steel pipe?

How do I remove pipe fittings?

Galvanized Steel and Black Iron FittingsUse a pipe wrench to unscrew the pipe from a fitting if the other end of the pipe is free, then unscrew the fitting. If the fitting is attached to a pipe tha... Read More »

How to Install Fittings on a Copper Pipe?

Copper pipe fittings--known as couplings--come in straight, 30-, 45-, 60- and 90 degree angles. The reason for this is to help you run new water lines (pipes) around corners, or if you have to inst... Read More »