Work out/ health question ?

Answer forget about the ab excercises, seriously, they are useless til u burn the fat off ur torso.Just concentrate on cardio to begin with and maybe get some free-weights and do some strengthening and mu... Read More »

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Coffee and health question?

Im 17 and I recently got in the habit of drinking coffee every morning but the truth is that health wise it won't do anything for you. It is good for your taste buds and to get your energy up for a... Read More »

Another question of health?

Just enjoy life. We all get old. We all begin to lack energy. It's just part of the curse. In the meantime, ENJOY your youth!

Food/health Question ?

"Your calorie needs and nutrient breakdown are likely to differ from other people's needs based on your age, sex, activity level and health condition. However, the American Dietetic Association doe... Read More »

Health Question please?

Probably acne or a rash of some type. If you feel fine, give it a few days to see if it clears up.