Work Environment for Teachers?

Answer Teacher centers are a national concept with styles and models varying by state, These centers provide teachers with professional development, educator support and, in some cases access, to material... Read More »

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I work in a filthy work environment and need advice?

Some illnesses are only transferrable by blood, so if you were to touch someone's bloodwho was infected with say, HIV, when you had a cut on your finger, there is a chance you could become infected... Read More »

What should i do if i work in a hostile work environment?

On One Hand: Stand Your GroundA hostile work environment is a form of harassment. If you feel threatened or discriminated against, you can file a claim with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity... Read More »

What is the work environment?

I have been a preschool and daycare teacher for 9 years, including owning my own daycare/preschool. I'll be honest with you. It is HARD. In addition to the fun learning activities, adorable chil... Read More »

What is the work environment OF THE cia?