Words associated with mustard ketchup fries sausage and fast food?

Answer burgers, obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, grease, nasty, american, fatty, unhealthy, not-as-good-as-japanese-food, old, over-rated, disgusting, but, still, so, DELICIOUS!, must, resist, th... Read More »

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Who has the best fast food fries?

What fast food fries are vegan?

Hi Kevin - If someone is adhering to a vegan diet, I think most fast food restaurants may be a difficult place to find something good.However, there are some options!People for the Ethical Treatmen... Read More »

Who makes the best French Fries FAST FOOD ONLY!!!?

Without a doubt, McDonalds has the best non-seasoned plain-jane french fries, but my personal favorite fries are the curly fries from Jack-in-the-Box. Now that's some good eatin'

Which fast food restaurants sell biggest fries and coke?