Word Tattoo Ideas for Girls?

Answer Many young women who decide to get a tattoo choose words or phrases. Popular word choices are deeply personal song lyrics, poetry, and names of deceased loved ones or significant others. Other se... Read More »

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Ideas for a First Tattoo for Girls?

Young women in America must be at least 18 in most states to be pierced or tattooed, unless they have parental consent. Some states only require a person to be 16, but the majority is 18. The fir... Read More »

Flower Tattoo Ideas for Girls?

Although the website Free Tattoo Designs states that more men than women get tattoos, it also notes that tattooing for women is now accepted and popular. According to the website, women tend to get... Read More »

Creative Tattoo Ideas for Girls?

While tattoos on women were not considered acceptable in earlier times, attitudes have changed considerably in recent years. Tattoos on women has become popular and accepted alongside their tattooe... Read More »

Cool Tattoo Ideas for Girls?

Many cool ideas for girls tattoos are available that making a decision on what design to get can be overwhelming. Before jumping into a tattoo that you may regret later, try wearing a temporary tat... Read More »