Word Study Activities for Third Grade?

Answer Word study is an alternative to conventional memorization of spelling words. In word study, students learn to recognize spelling patterns in words. Word study activities involve manipulating words ... Read More »

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2nd Grade Science Activities to Study the Body?

Science must be taught at an age-appropriate level, both to ensure understanding of the material and to build toward the higher levels later on. The human body is one of the most complex areas of s... Read More »

Systematic Word Study Activities?

Many educators realize that strict memorization of word definitions does not effectively develop vocabulary in students. With this method, students often forget words after teachers test them becau... Read More »

Word Study Activities for Middle School?

One of the major components of literacy in middle school is word recognition. Many teachers use word-study activities to increase word recognition in middle school. There are many different types o... Read More »

Sight Word Activities for First Grade?

Sight words are commonly used words at the child's reading level that he recognizes immediately. Sight word activities in first grade give students a chance to practice those words that appear freq... Read More »