Word Problems About Linear Equations for Mixture?

Answer A linear equation is a mathematical expression used in algebra, made up of a combination of constants and variables to the first power. We can always solve for the values of the variables in a set... Read More »

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Problems Involving Linear Equations?

A linear equation is a type of algebraic expression that forms a straight line when graphed (unlike non-linear equations, which form curves when graphed). Linear equations typically have one or two... Read More »

How do I Use Linear Equations to Solve Problems?

A linear equation, if graphed, will form a straight line. Linear equations do not use exponents, roots or division of one variable by another. So x = y is a linear equation, but x = y^2, x = √y a... Read More »

How to Solve Mixture Word Problems?

We've all had to contend with problems in algebra called "word problems." A typical word problem entails mixing solutions of given strengths to get a certain quantity of mixture at a desired streng... Read More »

How to Solve Linear & Non-Linear Equations Then Determine if They Are Linear or Not?

Solving equations, whether linear or nonlinear, is a matter of isolating x on one side of the equation, and numerical coefficients on the other. Specific methods for doing so will vary among equati... Read More »