Worcester 350 CDi Boiler Problems?

Answer Worchester boilers are now manufactured by the Bosch Group, although the 350CDI boiler has been discontinued. The boiler should be inspected and cleaned annually by the Worchester Bosch Group, but ... Read More »

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How do I increase the pressure in my Worcester Bosch combi boiler?

The key fits into a hole in the charging link, the hole is nexty to a little grey k nob, put the key in and turn to the left as you face it, then turn the little k nob, again to the left and you sh... Read More »

My combi worcester boiler , the radiator is heating up but not the water?

You need an engineer as it's likely to be some kind of micro switch malfunctioning. We had a similar thing with our combi boiler. When you have the heating on you should still have constant hot w... Read More »

Problems with low pressure in my boiler?

Have you checked the boiler overflow pie outside to see if water is leaking there ? It sounds lik the pressure relief valve has opened caused by too high a pressure on the boiler. This valve has to... Read More »

Can a boiler operator leave the boiler room?

On One Hand: Boiler Operators Cannot LeaveDue to safety concerns, a boiler operator is not allowed to leave the boiler room while on duty. According to the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public ... Read More »