Woolly Water Lily Description?

Answer The woolly water lily, or frogmouth (Philydrum lanuginosum), is an aquatic perennial that is native to Australia, but may be found throughout the United States. This aquatic plant thrives in high-m... Read More »

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Stargazer Lily Description?

The Stargazer lily (Lilium orientalis "Stargazer") is a perennial flower that grows from a bulb or rhizome. It's a cultivar of the oriental lily and is easy to grow. California lily grower and bree... Read More »

Description of the Yellow Pond Lily?

Native to North America, the yellow pond lily, or spatterdock, is an aquatic perennial plant, meaning it dies off each winter and emerges once more from the roots each spring. Often planted as an o... Read More »

How often should you water lily bulbs?

Lily bulbs should be watered immediately after planting, then watered often to keep the soil moist. As soon as they start growing, reduce watering to about once per week. Be careful not to over wat... Read More »

Uses of Water Lily Flowers?

Water lilies produce beautiful flowers and large lily pads. They grow in water and can decorate backyard freshwater ponds. They survive in a variety of temperatures, since more than one variety of ... Read More »