Woody Landscaping Ideas?

Answer Woody plants are shrubs, bushes, vines and trees. By definition, they are perennials and have a single main trunk or stem that has a bark coating and lives for many years; not all are evergreens. L... Read More »

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Is a butterfly bush a woody or a non woody plant?

Buddleia davidii, also known as butterfly bush, is a woody ornamental shrub that is available in a variety of shades of pink, white or purple. According to the National Sustainable Agriculture Info... Read More »

Dry Landscaping Ideas?

Dry landscaping, called xeriscape, does not have to consist of rock and cactus only. Instead, xeriscape landscaping can be a creative, beautiful solution to reduce your yard's need for supplemental... Read More »

Landscaping Ideas in Denver, CO?

Denver, Colorado, is a city with a dry, mild climate. When planning landscaping elements in a Denver yard, keep these facts in mind: The sun shines 300 days per year on average and precipitation av... Read More »

Landscaping Ideas in Phoenix?

Landscaping in Southwestern environments such as Phoenix offer special challenges. Homeowners must deal with scorching summer temperatures and continuous sunlight that dries out plants. Phoenix is ... Read More »