Wood Sanding Tips?

Answer When you are working with wood you need to sand it before staining or painting it, especially if you are removing an old coating. New stain will not adhere to old stain and roughing the surface wil... Read More »

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What energy do we exert when sanding wood?

There are many different types of sanding, including power sanding, hand sanding and floor sanding. Each requires physical activity. For instance, using a floor sander to sand wood burns 238 calori... Read More »

When does a wood gymnasium floor require sanding?

Typically, a gymnasium floor should be sanded every 10 years or so. Too much sanding can decrease the life of the floor and improper sanding can destroy it altogether. Every 10 years, professionals... Read More »

How to Correct Sanding Defects in Wood Veneer?

A veneer is a thin layer of wood that is overlaid onto a lesser wood or wood composite product to give the appearance of solid wood. Most veneers are 1/16 of an inch thick, which does not leave muc... Read More »

Block Sanding Tips?

You must block sand the bodywork of a car before applying the paint to attain a perfect finish. Pack dents or scratches with an appropriate filler and hammer flat any high spots. Rub smooth the ent... Read More »