Wood Mantel Styles?

Answer Above all, the mantel should fit the fireplace. A tiny mantel on a massive fireplace looks out of place and not up to the task, and a large mantel on a tiny fireplace looks overpowering. mantels of... Read More »

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How do I attach a wood mantel to brick?

InstructionsPlace the mantel against the brick where you wish to attach it, and mark the points on the top ends of the mantel with a pencil. Cut mounting cleats, which are sections of 2-by-4 wood t... Read More »

How to Install a Heavy Wood Mantel Shelf?

A fireplace adds comfort and warmth to a room, but a firebox without a mantel sometimes looks too plain. For this reason, most fireplaces feature mantel shelves that hold decorations and family pho... Read More »

Wood Bathroom Styles?

Whether you're adding on or remodeling an old bathroom, the type of wood and the placement of wood items in your bathroom can influence the overall style of your bathroom. Although every style of b... Read More »

Outside Window Trim Styles in Wood?

Architectural trim around doors and windows is to your home's facade what fashion accessories are to your favorite outfit. Not only do they provide contrasting and frame elements to outline and del... Read More »