Wood Joints Vs. Nails?

Answer It is widely known that woodworking joints are widely used for fine woodworking projects, such as constructing cabinets, wooden tables or built-in benches. However, what is not so evident is that w... Read More »

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The Advantages of Different Wood Joints?

Many different types of joints can be used when working with wood, but some work better for certain projects. Not all joints are as easy to make, either, so you must balance the advantages of spec... Read More »

How to Install Wood Dowel Joints?

This will help to explain how to install a dowel wood joint. This wood joint is easy to install if you have the right tools and equipment. Dowels can be used to glue supports to legs, tops to legs/... Read More »

What kind of nails do i use to repair my wood floor?

To repair a squeaky floor board, use 6d or 8d spiral flooring nails. Drive them in at a slight angle through your floorboard, going into the subfloor. You can also use trim head finish square dr... Read More »

What is the best way to remove old small broken nails from a wood floor you wish to polish?

Since you want to finish it you probably don't want to gouge the wood. I would recommend trying to grab them up with needlenose pliers first, then using a pair of vice grips to hold the nail and gi... Read More »