Wood I-Joists Vs. Steel Joists?

Answer Wood and steel are some of the most commonly used structural elements within buildings in modern history. Although wood has traditionally been used within construction and is still used extensively... Read More »

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What is the most common wood used for joists?

Answer it all depends on the span,u can cut down on the size of your joist by putting a mid span beam most likely an lvl. The smallest you can use safely most of the time is a 2x8.most common is pr... Read More »

How to Lay the Subfloor to Wooden I-Joists?

I-joists are commonly used in newly constructed homes. They are quickly replacing dimensional lumber used for ceiling and floor joists because they have some key advantages: I-joists can cover long... Read More »

How to Replace Floor Joists?

When remodeling a home, you may find that a floor joist needs to be replaced. Finding damaged joists in older homes is a common occurrence. A damaged floor joist can cause the floor to be weakened ... Read More »

The Difference Between Joists & Rafters?

Joists and rafters are components used in the construction of buildings. Understanding the difference between them is essential for those working in the construction trades, while basic knowledge i... Read More »