Won't heal!!! help?

Answer Firstly coming to your hurt,i highly advice you to visit a doctor.Do not play with your face,play a major role for 10+ and 60-.And coming to the bullying part i HIGHLY ADVICE you to ask your parent... Read More »

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My cartilage piercing wont heal :(?

Any piercing through ear cartilage take months and months and sometimes even up to a year to heal fully. Also knocks when it's still healing will cause it to become irritated and can make them swe... Read More »

I have got an insect bite on the back of my leg which wont heal any advice?

Go the the pharmacy my darling and ask for Fenistil Gel, its antihistimine, and you may have an allergic reaction to the bite, indicated by the fact it is slow or reluctant to heal.It may still tak... Read More »

Please help im really scared my cut will never heal anymore help?

Whoa whoa whoa boy! Calm down! Sadly i can't answer again after this, but you might want to put some periods and comas and..just punctuations. Slow down and explain better.

HELP!! I got haemorrhoids!! Please Help! Will it heal it self?

Hi. Obviously as it's something you're embarrassed about you're reluctant to go to the doctor, but it really is the best thing to do - doctors see it all every day. They might go away on their own,... Read More »