Wondering why any doctor would subject anyone to chemo?

Answer "Quotes" ? Yep, quote mining is a poor and frequently invalid form of taking a quote out of context and pretending it is a fact on its own. Don't forget: Increases in cancer are due to people livi... Read More »

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The Salary of a Chemo Doctor?

Chemo, or chemotherapy, physicians diagnose and treat cancer using drugs. Usually called oncologists or hematologists, chemotherapy doctors may specialize in a number of different areas, such as wo... Read More »

I was just wondering what does "Not Subject to Memory Effect, High-Energy Density Lithium Ion Technology" mean?

That's the kind of battery you want.Old nickel cadmium batteries would develop a "memory" when they were not recharged properly. Use the battery down to 50% capacity and then recharge it, and the ... Read More »

How can you increase your white blood count after chemo to receive another chemo treatment two weeks after?

I had exactly the same problems as your Husband. I also have lymphoma and my chemo is scheduled every other fortnight too. I became very immuno-supressed, and my WBC dropped very low. I ended up ge... Read More »

I am 12 years old and i think i have a yeast infection but i am to scared to say it to my mum or go to the doctor as my doctor is a man and if he wants to check or talk about my vagina?

Yeast infections should not go untreated as it could do damage to your reproductive tract. It may be embarrassing to you but both your mom and your doctor have your best interest in mind. Yeast in... Read More »