Wondering to worry about a Little spider bite ?

Answer go to the er now.///////

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Should I worry about my bite?

Clean the area with good old soap and water. Pat dry and apply some antibiotic ointment. The purple indicates increased blood flow to the area.If the area enlarges or starts having drainage in th... Read More »

I have a spider bite, i think...its verry small and one little black hole?

Brown recluse spider and black widow spiders are poisonous. To know more about spider bites go to this website.

Question about a possible spider bite?

I've never seen a spider bite cause blisters, and if you are playing with the spiders there is a chance for a bite, but I have never been bitten by anything indoors.If these become inflamed, it may... Read More »

Should i be worried about this spider bite?

My advice: Take some Motrin for the swelling and some Benadryl to counteract the allergic reaction. If it doesn't get better within a day or two, see a doctor. If you feel like your tongue is st... Read More »