Wondering about my body, 17?

Answer You might be pregnant. Take a test

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Wondering about that weird falling sensation when your about to go sleep. what is it?

I've started getting that too recently.According to the below website it is to do with twitching as you fall asleep, something called a Hypnic jerk. But they're not sure why.Well read the below art... Read More »

I was just wondering if any body else finds this particular site?

Yes a lot and am very glad some users have been able to help you out,,,,just stay here and soon you will have "Yarhoodlers Syndrom" the inability to go a day without visiting this site,,it`s good f... Read More »

I'm a vegan wondering about omega 3..?

The thing about flax seed (and supplements derived from flax seed) is that it only contains short-chain ALA omega-3 fatty acids, which convert very inefficiently into the long-chain DHA and EPA ome... Read More »

I'm wondering if i have HIV or what my eye infection is about?

Did you have canker sore in your mouth when you had sex? If not, you don't need to be afraid because virus won't pass through intact mucous membrane. Even so, you might still have a little chance o... Read More »