Wondering about audio/video stuff.....?

Answer yep...most definitely...the best quality is from DAT recorders and a XLR connection shotgun mic or a MiniDisc recorder with a XLR connection.If your camera allows it you can also use a XLR micropho... Read More »

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Im making a video and i was wondering what i need to do to add like fireballs and stuff like that.?

Check out this little gem:

What is the fanfare music NBC uses in their Olympics coverage not the John Williams stuff the other stuff?

Does anyone remember what children's TV show 'handy hints' the hand that helped them make stuff was in. They made stuff like dinosaurs out of milk bottles?

I remember that program too! But cant for the life of me remember the name and want to find out!! Did you find out?

Hey I'm a guy and I was wondering?

I would pick black. To me it seems more manly :)