Women's Rights in the Arab World?

Answer Women's rights in Arabian countries are steadily improving to be more in line with the rights enjoyed by men. According to the Association of Women's Rights in Development, they are still a long wa... Read More »

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What city is referred to as the cultural capital of the Arab world?

Damascus, Syria is referred to as the cultural capital of the Arab world. This designation was given to the city in 2008 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNE... Read More »

What are the reasons the US government support for dictatorial regimes in the Arab world?

Yes.We have the Executive Branch [President], Legislative branch [Congress ] and Judicial [ the Cout system ] .

How much did ESPN pay for the rights to the World Cup?

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How to Start a Petition for Women's Rights in Third World Countries?

Learn how to start a petition for Women's Rights in third world countries. Also learn how to jumpstart your petition to make it become viral and world-wide.