Women's Jewelry & Fashion in the 1980s?

Answer Thinking of the 1980s automatically conjures images of the fashion of the times. The style is memorable and some of the trends are even returning in fashion today. So whether you want to channel yo... Read More »

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1980s Hairstyles and Fashion?

When you think of 80's fashion you would probably think of brightly colored clothing like neon colored T-shirts and big bright accessories like hoop earrings and slap bracelets. Along with clothing... Read More »

Kids' Fashion of the 1980s?

If the 1980s conjures up images of an ebullient Michael Jackson performing his best "Thriller" dance, you have thought about the right era. During this decade fashion took itself to new levels, exp... Read More »

1980s Fashion Ideas for Women?

You may look back on your 1980s wardrobe and cringe in horror at the fashions that you wore, but a few of the pieces that were popular then can enhance the look of your current wardrobe with a retr... Read More »

Women's Fashion & Clothing in the 1980s?

Fashion trends in the 1980s were all about bold colors and distinct silhouettes. Clothing in turquoise and hot pink replaced the muted metallic tones of the previous decade. Women opted for acid... Read More »