Women's Fashion in the Late 1800s?

Answer The late 1800s refer to a period approximately between 1880 and 1899. These years are known as the late Victorian era, while the 1890s to 1900s are called the "mauve decade." Women's fashion styles... Read More »

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Parisian Fashion of the 1800s?

When crowned emperor in 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte set out to make France the leader of fashion. He revived the Valenciennes lace that made delicate fabrics such as tulle and batiste. Early fashions ... Read More »

Women's Fashion in the Early 1800s?

Women's fashion in the early 1800s differed significantly from the tight corsetry, bustles and crinolines of the second half of the century. Throughout the first quarter of this period, a high-wais... Read More »

1800s French Fashion: Ribbons?

The European elite enjoyed adorning their outfits with ribbons, but the export of ribbons for use with American fashions was slow to catch on. The accessory was less that popular in American fashio... Read More »

Dresses From the Late 1800s?

In late Victorian fashion, women from the upper classes had to wear clothing that was considered appropriate for the occasion. The more prestigious pieces of clothing were made of numerous parts, w... Read More »