Women's Buzzed & Extremely Short Hairstyles?

Answer Short hair can be a modern and stylish fashion for women's hair. It can also be a relief in summer months when long hair can become frizzy and unmanageable. There are a number of short hairstyles t... Read More »

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Women's Buzzed Hairstyles?

A woman may choose to get a buzz cut for many reasons---to make a statement, to cope with hair loss, to make a radical change in her hairstyle or simply because she likes the way a buzz cut looks. ... Read More »

Does anyone remember the Playboy Channel short called Buzzed?

Go to do not filter the results and type in stripped and you will see a video that says pretty blond stripped by a bee.

Womens' Bob Hairstyles?

Women's bob hairstyles come in a variety of forms, from classic and conservative to modern and choppy. A bob's length can range from just below the shoulders to above the jaw, with or without a fri... Read More »

Womens Hairstyles From the 1940s & '50s?

The 1940s and 1950s were known for intricate, romantic women's hairstyles. Women often put pin curls in their hair and left them in overnight to set the hair into curls. These curls were then inco... Read More »