Women/girls with period: This is a little weird but ....?

Answer depending on how heavy your flow is you can. Most of the time i don't feel it at all, but sometimes when i get out of bed in the morning i can. I find tampons stop the "feeling" of it, and pads let... Read More »

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Could I be pregnant if I'm two weeks late for my period bloated indigestion headaches period-like cramps very sore breasts weird cravings hpt neg 11 days after missed period?

You could be pregnant. See your doctor for proper testing and care.

Could you be pregnant if your flow is usually heavy and dark but recent period was weird like medium flow and bright period alway on time last full 6 day but this time came day late ended day early?

Answer Usually, if you are having your period you aren't pregnant. If you are young (say under 20) then your body is still "getting into the groove" of ovulating and having periods---your periods w... Read More »

Help! My period is weird!?

Its normal to have your first period and then wait a long time for your next one. It is just your body getting used to the new routine. Yes this is probably your period and it could take a few hour... Read More »

I am fifteen and do not have my period.. is this weird..what should i do!!!?

When does a girl usually get her first period?In the United States, the average age is 12. This does not mean that all girls start at the same age. A girl can start her period anytime between the a... Read More »